Real results from Jamie C

“I have been training with Mick for nearly a year now after I was introduce to him by a mutual contact. For years I had suffered from a bad back, a result of an old sporting injury and had accepted that it was going to be a way of life now. I was often waking up in the morning and having to roll on to my hands and knees before standing up. Because of this I had had to give up sport and my fitness had dramatically dropped, not to mention my shape and definition.

With Mick’s functional training and great knowledge I have dropped fat and built lean muscle. I am now bigger and at my heaviest I have been. I also have a lower body fat percentage than before. Most importantly my back is so much better. It has been a slow road and there is further to go but now I can see that I could achieve my goals that I thought I had to give up on.

Couple this with Mick’s nutritional advice and fun sessions, I can happily say that it was a great decision to train with Mick and would recommend him to anyone.”

Jamie Coulson

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